A powerful tool which scans, analyzes and removes all kinds of virus.

AntivirusDoctor is a powerful utility that will scan, analyze and remove all kinds of PC viruses. This software is small, versatile and does not require much knowledge to be used: you just have to select the units under suspicion and click on “Start Scanner”.

Nothing is easier than using Antivirus Doctor. This software has an exclusive automatic update system which is in charge of keeping the data base up to date and alerting the central processor of the program about new developments and latest reports that emerge all around the world.

This is the most effective method to fight recently released threats when there is not much information about them. You can configure Antivirus Doctor to scan only one or all of the storing units you have at the same time. It is also capable of looking for malicious programs in external devices (CD ROM, USB memory, etc.), in independent files and even in executable or compressed files.

Antivirus Doctor is the best option when it comes to removing virus, spyware, trojans and all kinds of malicious codes that are hidden below safe executable files. This is a great chance that should not pass you by: it is a new way of protecting your PC and all the content you have in it.

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